Donation £75 for the cause



Donate £75 for the cause

Children in Ethiopia are currently growing up amid poverty, violence, and natural disasters. Millions of Ethiopians are living in poverty, and the number of people in this situation is rising quickly. Now it’s time for those of us who are capable and can donate £75 to the charity campaign. Our small contributions will make a significant difference in the lives of these necessitous Ethiopian people who lacks access to clean drinking water and high-quality education. You can donate £75 to Medioliver Foundation to help these needy and impecunious communities.

In this alarming situation, the Medioliver Foundation is spending all of its donations on the development of a good education system and the infrastructure of clean water pipes in Ethiopia. We have made investments in the supply of clean drinking water and the provision of the best education to the Ethiopian people. In Ethiopia, we also operate a capacity-building program through which we hire disabled individuals. These individuals are now economically supporting their families. Our goal is to reach as many penurious communities as possible and help them to keep alive the medi’s spirit. Donate £75 for the cause now.

Selling kid’s books with Cause

By purchasing these fantastic children’s books, you can help this destitute community. These children’s stories books may also contain amazing and fascinating artwork that will kindle your kids’ interests in reading. It will have an incredible influence on your kids. It will boost tour children’s reading habits incredibly. These publications are available in box form, and they are also accessible in big sizes on Amazon Kindle.


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