Donation £250 for the cause



Donation £250 for the cause

We think that organizations created with the sole intention of making a tiny difference in the world require support from others, whether that support takes the shape of money in the form of a donation or your time in the form of volunteering or fundraising. Each organization has a distinct mission and works hard to fulfil it. The Medioliver Foundation’s mission is to assist Ethiopian children in obtaining a high-quality education and access to clean drinking water. Donation £250 to Medioliver and become a part of the helping hands. You can donate/donation £250 for the cause now.

The MediOliver Foundation donates 100% of its funds to building water pipes and high-quality education in Ethiopia. Additionally, we employ disabled persons in Ethiopia through a skills development program that we are doing there. In order to support their families, they are now working. Give donation of £250 to assist in maintaining the medi’s spirit alive.

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