Donation £10 for the cause



Donations of £10 for the cause

The time has come for those of us who are wealthy and are able to donate £10 to the donation canter Medioliver Foundation to assist combat global poverty and other forms of social inequity. People who are below the poverty line will see a big improvement in their life as a result of our modest donations. Helping Ethiopia’s underprivileged community, which lacks access to clean water and top-notch education, is now necessary. You can support the Ethiopian community and our project by donating £10. By making donations to the Medioliver Foundation, you can assist them. Drop your small donations in the Medioliver Foundation donation box to help millions of poor people.

The Medioliver Foundation is donating all of its funds to constructing water pipelines and top-notch educational institutions in Ethiopia. We have contributed to the provision of the Ethiopian people with high-quality education and clean drinking water. Your donations power our aim to employ disabled persons in Ethiopia through a skills development program there. They are currently supporting their families financially. Our objective is to assist as many underserved communities as we can in preserving the medi’s spirit. Give donation £10 for the cause now.

Selling kid’s books with Cause 

By purchasing these wonderful children’s books, you can help this deprived community to have clean water and good education. These picture books for toddlers are full of amazing and interesting artwork that will attract kids’ interests in reading. This excellent book contains ample information for exploration. It will have a long-lasting effect on your kids. It’s also available as a component of a party package. These books can be purchased in box form, as well as in large print on the Amazon Kindle.

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