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Help Build a Pipeline in Ethiopia

Help build a pipeline in Ethiopia

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Please support the MediOliver Foundation this year

These books are written in memory of Medi killed at age 10 (who wanted to be a writer). The MediOliver Foundation has already built one 1st pipeline in Ethiopia which got water to 18,000 people and wants to do more.

£6.99 each or £25 for 4

100% of funds go to building pipelines

  • Also available in this foreign language version

COMING to APRIL in these languages too Volunteer translators wanted

Zoo Book & Chef Book – sneak peek

Zoo:  This clever, fun-packed adventure is packed with zoo animals to capture any child’s imagination as they take on the job of a Zookeeper, doing the chores and taking care of all the animals.   As well as swimming with dolphins and studying the poo, this book is sure to help your child develop a sense of the world around them, through fun pictures and simple dialogue.  Oh and look out for what Beau Bunny gets up to!


Chef:   Young kitchen helpers will love this book which brings to life all the colours and textures of food and shows the fun in being a chef.  There’s jobs to do:  shopping, washing, chopping,  and choosing the ingredients, as well as combining the colours or counting the peas.   Helped by Beau Bunny there’s bears who want porridge, teddy bears coming for tea and vegetables to pick.  

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Astronaut:   Brace yourself for blast off as this book will practically take your child to space.  There’s jobs to do and you’ve got to study hard as well as do the press conferences before you can buckle up and go.  But when you do, you’ll remember Sir Isaac Newton was right as you float off in zero gravity to bed, and …. you never know what aliens you’ll find when you get there!  Will it be you, Beau Bunny or the stowaway mice who put their flag up first


Taxi Driver:   Any youngster who likes cars, taxis, buses or anything that moves will love this book.  Dad has got to get to work, the kids want to go to the zoo, there’s trouble at the airport, and a family of ducks is holding up the traffic!   There’s maps to read, and perhaps a special bear to pick up at Paddington Station.  As with all books in our series, our character finds the fun in his job. He has to be patient and keep his cool!  And, of course Beau Bunny is never far behind.


And, if you don’t want to take part, then

Simply imagine if your child had no clean water to drink or was killed for no reason and Click here to make a donation instead.





The MediOliver Foundation is a Registered Charity

Charity Registation Number: 1159021    Registered 20th October 2014

Address:   1 Castle Road, London NW1 8PR


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