Medi’s Spirit

Medi’s Story

In trying to prepare him for life, Medi lost his life.

Medi was a loving and caring boy who just wanted to please.  Since age 9 he would cook breakfast (speciality scrambled eggs!) and carry it all the way upstairs to us. He took pride in looking after his disabled grandma, even taking her to his 11th birthday party with all his friends.

He was our best friend and totally comfortable asking all sorts of awkward questions, sometimes even on behalf of his friends.  We shared pillow talk almost daily and even after a few days apart, I went to meet him on holiday with his Grandparents in Northumberland, we were still giggling and chatting at 2am, just wrapped up in the moment.

Medi loved his school and said he felt proud that the younger boys would follow in his footsteps. He said that e it was at a good school as the teachers were always willing to listen, even if what you had to say was not that good!

On Friday nights Medi would come to the office to pick me up, creeping up on me from one corner or another always with a hug and kiss before going off to do some homework.  Later he would use the tannoy to remind me that ‘the boys’ – Medi and Mehdi – were ready to take her out.‎

Football was Medi’s passion. In addition to the UCS Junior Branch’s Under 11 First Team, he played regularly with the Ringley office team and was a frequent goal scorer.  He’d draw team formations and had an opinion on almost every player in every team.  He enjoyed the Iran World Cup game with his friends, who were just great even when Iran were defeated!  He never missed a school football trip, where what goes on tour – stays on the tour!

We taught him it is important to have something to aim for in life; he’d just started a java script programming course, did his own accounts in excel, achieved A* in his Iranian GCSE. He was looking forward to getting an iPhone as a reward.

Medi was born at 8 months and fought his way out of Intensive Care. He walked at 9 months, he told us he came from the moon and he loved his milk. Sometimes he’d get the clock all wrong and play with his Dad through the night whilst the rest of the world slept.

Since age 3 he would greet people with a handshake and a confident smile usually  dressed as a proper little man.

When Medi started school we forgot to prep him fully and on his 1st day, he said, “I thought you weren’t going to come and get me!”  He forgave us but spent the next few days popping into school to say hello and coming straight back out to go home again.

At age 4 Medi hurt his fingers and bravely told the nurses he was the happy bear on the ladder despite the damage.

At age 5 Medi had light beams in his eyes and clung to me for days as he thought he was going to go blind.

Medi was always a giver and aware of the world around him, he easily recognised the needs of others. He baked cakes to sell for Blue Peter, encouraged us to raise £1,000 for Great Ormond Street, and always donated far more than a kid his age should have.

At age 8 he walked 15 miles for Water Aid without a groan or a grumble.  He would also drag us around the school for runs too.

He enjoyed a school trip to Lille so much he insisted on taking us back 2 weeks later and walked us round everywhere he’d gone with the school so we would not miss out.

Medi and I survived a whole night camping only to be woken up at 5am wet though with the morning dew because we didn’t know how to pitch the tent properly.  We laughed and went to see what the world looked like at 5am and sat on a wall talking nonsense for a few hours.

Whilst brought up as a Muslim, as a family we were frequent visitors of pretty churches, synagogues, cathedrals all over the world. We simply taught Medi that he was welcome in all houses of God and Medi would enjoy lighting candles for the family and saying a prayer for those with us and those who’d passed away.   We celebrated his life in St James’s Roman Catholic Church in George Street, Marylebone; this being a special place where he and his dad often went on boys’ only trips for quality time and to cover when I had to work.‎

At the end of Year 4 Medi was awarded the school’s prestigious Courtesy Cup. We heard that he was a clear winner, unanimously voted for by all teachers at the school. “Unanimous is very much the word for how much Medi was liked and loved by teachers and pupils at our school. The duty teachers report that they’d watch him help smaller boys in the playground who had fallen over or who were upset.  Mature, big-hearted, fun-loving, loyal, honest and kind, no words could possibly describe what a massive hole he will leave in everyone’s lives.” Said Mark Albini, UCS Deputy Head


Previous Events

In life Medi loved to help and please others, and with a little help from the UCS boys we worked to get water to his pen pals in Ethiopia.                       Get newsletter updates >>give us your email>>

14 May 2016 – Saved our shoes, and made history

Led by Luca Joseph we smashed the Guiness world record for the largest shoe mosaic

6 May 2016 – The MediOliver Concert

Celebrated some of our friend Medi’s favourite songs and raising money for his dedicated charity

17 March 2016 – Medi Mehra Football Tournament

Hosted by UCS for Year 4‎ boys

8 February 2016 – British Property Federation‎ Annual Dinner 

Mum Mary-Anne Bowring was invited to speak at the British Property Federation’s Annual Dinner in the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone.  Joining Mary-Anne were 17 of Medi’s friends who joined Mary-Anne on stage to hear her sharing about the challenge of life after death and her promise to Medi.   The promise being that she would take Medi to ‘rock up and meet his pen-pals and see how they could help’, it is this promise that we are fulfilling and the 1st project is to get water to 18,000 people in Gey, Ethiopia.  Medi’s friends had fun gong table to table to collect the envelopes and more fun counting the money afterwards, in all £16,690 was raised.

Ollie and his band “Magnify” will playEd the UCS arena

September 2015 – Fundraising sale 

UCS boys; Noam, Monty, Misha, and Jaydon raised £250 in a charity sale selling toys, clothes, drinks, and snacks.

11 October 2015 – Mass keep fit event at UCS playing fields

Ranulf Road, NW2 2BH

Saturday 20th June – Medi Football Marathon

Over 260 players took part and kept the ball in play form 8am to 8pm raising £24,885 towards the water pipeline for Gey in Ethiopia.

Lucas Block and Arman Minian won the signed Tottenham shirts!

June 2015 – Lower School Assembly 

Mary-Anne took Luca, Nicky and Joe to the Senior School to show their “party all night for wateraid” video to years 7 and 8. They got a standing ovation and this idea has raised thousands.

June 2015 – Junior Branch Assembly 

Mary-Anne visited the boys at the Junior Branch to update them on the pipeline project. Max and Adonis won the flip-flops design competition.

April 2015 – Flip-flop design competition 

Junior school boys designed flip-flops for the competition along the theme of “advice from kids”. The two winners of the competition got their design created and the comments from all the other boys were fit onto a range for Summer 2015.

Thursday 9th March 2015  –  Year 4 Football Tournament

UCS hosted a Year 4 football tournament.

Medi joined in Year 4 and secured a place in the A team as a defender.

5pm, Tuesday 9th December 2014  –  Memorial Service

At the request of Year 7, UCS Junior Branch is hosting a memorial service on the 9th December 2014, as so many boys were away back in July. Medi said that he was proud to be a pupil at UCS, and was a role model to the younger boys, who aimed walk in his footsteps – a plaque in Medi’s honour has been planned, so pupils will be able to continue to honour his memory by keeping his name and achievements alive within the school community.

Friday 28th November 2014 – Assembly UCS Junior Branch

Met the year 3-6 boys at JB to share our trip to Ethiopia and how they can help.  Also met Joe and Nicky, the year 6 boys who came up with the idea of Amazon style birthday e-gift vouchers.  Did some research, found out they were Man U and Spurs fans, so we took them their team footballs and got all the Arsenal fans present to give them a big boooo and chant Arsenal before we gave them a well deserved round of applause.

Thursday 27th November 2014 – Assembly at UCS Senior School

Spoke to the whole upper school, managed to pull it off, so nice to see so many of Medi’s friends.

Tuesday 25th November 2014 – UCS Junior School Concert

The Year 7 choir made a guest appearance at the UCS JB Concert to sing a song for Medi, and raised over £1,000.

Saturday 23rd November 2014 – UCS Year 7 Football Tournament

Medi’s friends staged a football tournament in his name, raised some money and had some fun.  Sadly they were missing a goal scoring defender.

Saturday, 8th November 2014 – Joe & Nicky’s 11th Birthday party

Joe & Nicky from UCS told their friends they didnt want presents and suggested they give others a fair start in life.  They raised £620 and gave us the concept of  ‘MediOliver e-gift vouchers’ so watch these trend setters!

7pm, Thursday 6th November 2014  –  Gig in Moorgate

UCS Dad – Eden Riche – and his band the ‘Bank of Blues’ played a Gig at the Tokenhouse (4 Moorgate EC2R 6DA), and raised £1,210.89.

23rd October 2014  –  Visit to Destaw in Bira Abo Kebele

They then met Destaw and his family in Bira Abo Kebele, Ethiopia after several hours of off road driving. This was Medi’s other international ‘brother’ whom we had promised that Medi would be able to visit when he was 13, so it seemed only right we should do this now in his memory, while assuring their health and educational access.

22nd OCtober 2014  –  Disabled Tailors Project & Orphans & Vunerable Children

We met people with limb defects who had been trained to be tailors, and need another sewing machine to expand.   We also met the Community Elders (who had guns) and showed us around their work with orphans and vunerable children.

21st October 2014  –  Visit to meet Bekalu in Ethiopia

Maryanne, Mehdi and cousin Emad visited Menz Gera Midir in Ethiopia, where they met Medi’s international brother Bekalu, and his family. They did this so to ensure his access to education, school facilities, books and clean water. While there, they distributed football shirts kindly donated by Medi’s friends to Bekalu and all of his class mates.

10th October 2014  –  Max, Soli & Georgiou’s Football Shirt Sale

Well done to Max, Soli and Georgiou – 3 very enterprising young men who raised £765 by hosting a football shirt sale at the Junior Branch.  It seems only right that we match their enthusiasm and the £765 they raised.  Max can also spread the word that we’ll match any other event that can beat this!

What a great winning idea, collect outgrown shirts from the bigger boys and sell them to the younger boys.  Genius!  Apparently despite the modest £5 and £10 price tag prices of up to £45 were achieved, and all sold out in minutes.

28th September 2014   –  10K run

Leah Hurst participated in a 10k run to raise funds for the MediOliver Foundation on 28th September 2014. She completed the race in 1 hour 9 minutes and 57 seconds. Thank you to everyone who has pledged money!

All of us knew Medi and I know the boys are really missing him as they start at the Senior School.  It would be really great if we could raise enough money to fund one of the specific projects envisaged by Mehdi and MaryAnne as a memorial to him from all of us.

23rd September 2014  –  Poppies at the Tower

Mary-anne planted poppies at the Tower of London to honour the many mums with lost boys.

1st August 2014  –  Harrison’s Book Sale

Harrison and friends raised money by selling their books in Primrose Hill park.



Every child is special, for those who did not get to meet Medi, written by his friends this page is dedicated to Medi’s spirit.

Medi was one of those boys that had everything.

Medi was one of those boys that had everything. He was so sporty and bright and really nice to everybody too. I was excited about being in a class with him next year. We will all miss him.

Alex Burns

He was so talented and friendly to everyone

News of Medi’s passing has stunned our entire family. Our deepest condolences to you and your family at this heart-rending time. Medi’s passing is particularly poignant because he was so bright and lovely. Medi was the kind of young man that the younger boys wanted to imitate because he was so talented and friendly to everyone. He was a credit to his wonderful family. We will miss him very much.

All our love,

Silvia Armari Radhakishun

I will miss him

Medi was a great friend to everyone.  I will miss him.  Love,


He was really trustworthy and a reliable friend

Medi was a great friend and we shared fun times together in the football A’s. I particularly remember us nervously watching penalties! He was really trustworthy and a reliable friend. I will miss him and there will always be a hole in our year group where his smiley face should be.

I wish we had had the chance to spend more time together

Medi and I started UCS at the same time.

If I was at a loose end, I knew Medi would always let me join in with whatever he was doing.


I was absolutely devastated when I heard the news.

I will miss him, and wish we had had the chance to spend more time together and am sorry that we won’t have that chance anymore.

Max Myers

You always found a way to cheer me up

I know I wasn’t one of your best friends but you were a great friend to me. You always found a way to cheer me up by making me laugh or asking if I wanted to play. I wish you were here right now to see how much everyone cares about you.

Rest in peace.

Harry Steinberg

…popular with everyone

Medi was so special. I use his Y4 History book to show my classes just what what they could achieve if they worked hard. He loved playing Macbeth and was in tears afterwards saying all he just wanted to

“Do it all again”. I watched Georgio console him by saying

“You will, Medi. You were wonderful! ”

He had such a calm, warm integrity about him and was surrounded by friends and popular with everyone. If ever there was a perfect ambassador for UCS, he was that person.

My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Mrs Thomas

Medi was such a fantastic boy

Medi was such a fantastic boy – I always commented on that to Max and Lou whenever we saw him – what a loss. I remember him from the first day Max came to UCS for his interview, and again when they both came for their induction before joining. His dad has always been so friendly and charming – I guess the apple never falls far from the tree.

 Myers family

He was one of my favourite Year 6’s

I am very sorry to hear about Medi. Although I wasn’t in his year he was one of my favourite Year 6’s because he was really friendly. Sadly my dog died in an accident in Cornwall the day before Medi. I hope they will meet in heaven and play football together. (My dog loved football and I know Medi did too).

Jakob Evans (5W)

We will never forget your wonderful Medi

Whenever Medi used to come to us he always impressed us with his quiet nature, his politeness and his lovely manners. It was a real pleasure to have him with us.

Eden will miss him terribly. He will greatly miss the things that they used to do together such as videos, conversations about their favourite TV programmes and super heroes and their favourite team – Arsenal.

This tragedy is a big blow to you and to everyone who knows Medi, especially his friends.

Our hearts go out to you. We are with you at this terrible time and will never forget your wonderful Medi.

Iris, Isaac, David and Eden Cohen

He meant a great deal to me

It is very hard to believe that one of my best friends has passed away.

Medi and I started being friends late in year 4 and since then we always had a variety of things to speak about. We always knew how to make each other laugh and happy and help each other out.

Every time he came to my house and I went to his we would usually discuss superheroes, our favourite ones especially.

Whenever I was free to have a play date the first person I would ask for is Medi.

We had fun playing tennis, football, doing videos, learning magic and watching movies and TV programmes, we were together in the same room in Amsterdam and was with him most of the time in the football tour. We had so much in common, we both support Arsenal, love superheroes, comics, and nearly all our hobbies that we had. I once even bumped into Medi at the Emirates stadium when he was with his dad looking very happy.

He meant a great deal to me and to everyone that knew him, he will be missed greatly.

 Eden Cohen

He always brought the best out of people

Medi was such a wonderful boy never without a smile. He always brought the best out of people including me. When I heard the news I was lost for words. How could this happen? I couldn’t get any sleep because I was just thinking of all Medi’s fantastic attributes. He was so warm and was never afraid to speak his heart. I will always think of him as one of my best friends. I am heartbroken and so shocked and I hope this message will give you some kind of comfort.


A special boy

We are absolutely devastated to hear of Medi’s accident.

Simon who was in 6C and Jamie who was in 3S knew Medi well and have both said what a wonderful, kind and caring child he was. He was liked ‘by all the boys in all the years’ at UCS junior, Simon said, ‘as well as the teachers – he was liked by EVERYONE’. A special boy.


 Simon, Jamie Muriel and Marc Abehsera-Cohen

I will not forget him

When people were sad Medi would cheer them up by making jokes. He was friendly and kind – like when I broke my arm and I had to play outside the cage, Medi stayed out to play with me. We were in magic, tennis, football and rugby club – always on the same team. He was a really good sportsman. Whenever we were talking Medi was so kind and friendly. We enjoyed watching football matches together before tennis camp last summer. I also thought that he was amazing in the school play and in the short films.

I will miss him, but I will not forget him.

Lucas Block


He always had a smile on his face

Medi was kind, considerate and generous. He always had a smile on his face, time for the people around him, always unselfish and thoughtful towards everyone. Medi was brilliant at football and acting. He had a passion for superheroes and I will never forget the experience of making our movie together or rehearsing with him for Macbeth. These memories will stay with me forever. I know that all his classmates and friends will miss him deeply and remember him always.

 Joshie Clein

…always happy and cheerful

Medi was a great friend and was always happy and cheerful. After school, we would always play football together and have fun. I will always remember Medi and will think of him often.

Charlotte and Max Margolis


A true pleasure to know and teach

I got to know Medi very well through our drama lessons. He was such a talented actor and I feel blessed that I had the very good fortune to direct him as Duke Bluebeard in the Year 5 French play and again last March in Macbeth. The maturity he showed during his performance of Macbeth was something very few boys of his age could have achieved. His willingness to take part, combined with his unassuming nature, created a delightful student who was a true pleasure to know and teach.

I’ll always remember being in Heathrow airport a few years ago and hearing a little voice call out, “Mr Thomas”. It was little Medi Mehra from Year 4  going on holiday with his father to New York. It made my day seeing one of my amazing students outside school.  Another memory that comes to mind was from last year, after the French play, when I was removing Medi’s blue-beard. He reacted to the liquid that I was using to remove his stage beard and although tears were rolling down his face he was desperately trying to laugh through the discomfort he obviously felt.

 Jason Thomas

We would always play together

My dear friend Medi

It was just last week that we played football together in your garden. You were always better than me, being in the A team and you were a great goal scorer for your team.  We both loved football and this is one of the many things we shared.  We both watched the World Cup but neither of our teams did well. At playground break we would always play together, usually football. Another thing you were better than me at was acting and drama, with you playing the title role in Macbeth. Without you there will be a huge gap in Year 7 and I feel so sad thinking about it.  I was looking forward to being in the same class in September, with you and our gang of friends. Things will never be the same and I will never forget you. Rest in peace, Medi Mehra

Jake “Oppy”


A true gentlemen.

As Medi’s form teacher this past year, I had the pleasure of not only teaching him but also getting to know him that little bit better.

Medi was an incredibly bright, friendly and likeable young man. His shy yet cheeky smile greeted me every morning when he walked into 6A and he always shook my hand warmly at the end of every day. A true gentlemen.

Medi loved football, was proud of his Iranian heritage and became easily frustrated when trying to learn new magic tricks. Everything he tried, he did so though with vigour and steely determination. His inquisitive nature and natural intelligence were two things of many that I was lucky enough to discover this year.

In Year 6 Medi grew in confidence on the rugby pitch and performed passionately on the stage in Macbeth.

There will never be enough words to describe how wonderful he was. He was popular not only with the other boys but with all of the teachers too.

I am left with many wonderful memories of his time at UCS but it will be his warm and friendly smile that I will always remember first.

 Nick Arnold

He was always really nice

I am so sorry to hear the terrible news about Medi.

I am not in Medi’s school year but I do know him and he was always really nice. Everyone liked him and we will all miss him very much.

Jacob Zakaim

We all have lost a dear friend

I am so very sad and devastated on hearing the news. Medi was a wonderful person, always friendly, very kind and a helpful friend. I have known Medi since we were together in year 4 and only last week we were having fun sailing … Not only was he good at sports, but Medi was amazing at sailing too. I will miss him dearly from the bottom of my heart and pray that his soul rest in peace. We all have lost a dear friend.


Medi was such a lovely boy

Medi was such a lovely boy. I’m so pleased to have known him and experience his kindness and warmth. He was a great friend and I have lots of memories of spending time together at school. I enjoyed making the film with him in the summer term and walking round Chessington with him. I will never forget him.

George Owen

I can’t remember one bad thing Medi has done to a single person

Medi was a great person and I have shared many great memories of the past two years. One of the best times I have had with Medi was all over the football season. My best memory was when we were about to play our first game in Spain. We were so excited it was like we were playing the World Cup final. Medi was the nicest person and I can’t remember one bad thing Medi has done to a single person. I will miss Medi so much.

 Ben Rifkin

Medi was unique and a very special human being indeed

Medi was unique and a very special human being indeed. I only saw Medi perhaps once a year but this only magnified the fact that whilst he had developed physically, his charisma, friendliness, politeness, concern for others before himself and good manners were unaltered. What a truly lovely boy Medi was.


Mature beyond his years

He was the most lovely boy, mature beyond his years and great to talk to. I especially enjoyed talking about Arsenal….His energy and joy of life was a testament to his parents.


Someone so special can never be forgotten

I have so many fond memories of Medi from his time with Luca at Abercorn; his cheeky grin, happy disposition; always friendly and polite. Someone so special can never be forgotten.

Susie, Dom and Luca

He will be part of us forever and we will never forget him

Medi was an amazing boy and we could not have wished for a more wonderful boy to be our son’s closest friend….His gentle and fabulous attitude to everything he did was a pleasure to be around. His wonderful smile, his beautiful manners and his bright personality. He will be part of us forever and we will never forget him.

Numisha, Alex and Tom

He was good at everything he did. He had it all.

I’m writing today because I want to say why Medi was such a great and kind friend during his lifetime. He never have anything mean to say, and I could rely on him in absolutely any situation. I’m not sure anyone can remember anything he did to harm anyone, or do wrong in any way. His undying love for football was clearly noticed as he joined the A-team instantly. He was also an extremely talented magician which means he was extremely talented and special.

He was good at everything he did. He had it all.

He was one of the best at every subject and there will never be anyone quite like Medi.

I will remember him.

Joe Sher

He was truly talented in everything he did

Medi was truly a wonderful boy, so sweet, handsome and kind and so mature for his years. We were extremely fond of Medi and were always taken aback by his maturity and inner confidence and when we think of all that he achieved at school he was truly talented in everything he did.

We have so many memories of Medi at school, his performance in the french play and his incredible role as Macbeth and his talent on the football pitch and cricket field.

Rachel, Roy and Joe Sher

Medi was always so nice to me and other kids.

Medi was a great kid and I will remember him forever.

I have many memories of his kindness; and during Macbeth and our superhero film together. As well as playing tennis last summer and this year with him. He was always so nice to me and other kids. I will miss him so much

Josh Clein

Medi was such a great friend to me

Medi was such a great friend to me and he was the nicest person to everyone he knew.  I will miss him so much and I am sure everyone will miss him as well.

Ben Rifkin

Medi said things that other people were afraid to say

Medi had a special personality, nobody else is like him.  He is kind, funny, cheerful, smart, happy and made the most out of life.  He brings out the best in people and made people feel better when nobody could.  It is just not fair someone who was so kind, it is too hard to believe, I cried for almost 2 hours and I still cant believe it.

He was a special kid, he was so young and he had so much to give, he touched everyone’s lives and now there’s a hole at UCS.  He was the last person who deserved to die.  It seemed so bizarre it was so wierd he said things other people were afraid to say and he had a special personality which nobody else had.

Every time I pay football I will think of Medi.  He would have fitted in so well at senior school, everyone would have liked him.  It is just to hard to imagine life without him.  Soli, Georgiou and I are making a shirt with 11 on the back and every year we will gather outside and give 2 minutes silence.  He is just the nicest boy and will be missed by his friends and most of all his family.

He was a person who could have done something amazing, it is just too hard to sum up in words.  You could rely on him  no matter what, he would do everything he could to make everyone around him to feel as good as he felt.  Now he’s gone he had such an impact on everyone around him him will be missed dearly  – he had a personality that only lives once.

Max Altras

I will always remember him

Medi was a loyal, trustworthy, reliable friend and someone you can always count on. He was also a brilliant all rounder getting high marks in tests and starring in Macbeth and a crucial defender for the A’s in football.

When I found out the news I felt a big gaping hole in me. I was on holiday and was distraught not to be able to go to the funeral.

Knowing what happened to Medi made me think and it told me to work hard, be nice and be kind to all because you never know what will happen next. Medi set this example perfectly. I will always remember him. My favourite memory of Medi will always be nervously sitting together watching penalties (as I am the goalie)


He had a big influence on all our lives and he will be remembered greatly

Medi was one of my best friends, he always had a smile on his face and cheered me up when I was down. He had a big influence on all our lives and he will be remembered greatly. When we get back in September there will be a big hole in our year and in our lives.

Medi loved football and was great at it and it is so sad that he will never get to play the sport again. Sadly I could not attend the funeral service because I was in America and I only heard the news yesterday and I was so shocked, I could not believe what had happened. I was so upset I was in tears for countless hours. It was horrible. Medi was one of the best boys at UCS. He was intelligent, athletic and cheerful and not one day went by without a smile on Medi Mehra’s face. It was a pleasure to know your son and it will be an upset to all of without his love and support by our side. 

The tragedy that has happened has been unbearable for his friends and family and the moment I heard I thought to myself who will have smile on their face like Medi Mehra did? Who will be there for me like Medi Mehra was? And who be a better friend to me like Medi Mehra was?

Medi was a wonderful person and he will be missed terribly.

Soli Gareh

Medi will miss him terribly

Soli is away at camp in the USA and does not yet know the tragic news of  his dear dear friend

I know he would want Medi’s family to know that he considered him one of his closest friends. He loved playing football with him, (real or FIFA) , acting together in Macbeth, and just generally hanging out .

I remember when he first came home and told me about his “really cool new friend” with whom he had to have a play date with straight away and wouldn’t stop asking till I arranged it

He was also really impressed that he took the Iranian GCSE’s

I know that Soli will miss him terribly

Dani Gareh

I looked up to him

I’m really sorry for your loss. Medi was a friend and I looked up to him for his great football skills. I also liked Medi for what he did. He would bring Mentos to school when we were bored and we would eat them together. I will miss Medi and I think that a lot of other kids will miss him too. I’m really sorry for your loss. And I hope your school in the country will work well.

Solal Afota

Medi always treated everyone with respect

Medi was such a great person. He was never mean to anyone or about anything and always treated everyone with respect. He was a funny and talented person and I am so sad that he will no longer be here but I know he will be happy in heaven.


Medi always seemed to have a smile on his face

Medi was such a cheerful and much loved boy at school, it is very hard to imagine his not being there.  Whilst never in the same form together, Ollie and Medi became friends through their common love of football – on the Spanish tour, and in their clubs and coaching outside of school.  I also got to know him last year in Majorca, where we all had so much fun together.  Medi always seemed to have a smile on his face, or close to the surface, and I will particularly remember him from the time when he and Ollie were playing for the Vikings one Saturday morning.  At half time, with the side losing and Medi playing at the back and itching to get forward, I told him to take the next long range free kick and aim for goal – he was bound to score.  Amazingly, so it came to be!  Medi scored, the team came from behind to win, and the boys bounced off the pitch on cloud nine – a special moment and a lovely memory of your boy.

Tim & Jo Morgan-Wynne 

I’m so proud of everything you achieved

Medi, you were a good friend… A friend who inspired me to do better and achieve more! A boy who was willing to try no matter what the task was! A boy who was better than better. It’s so unfortunate that this happened to poor Medi. Medi was a great person, you should know that! The school can’t function without him as he was a big addition to our school. I will miss you with all my heart and will always remember this day. Good bye Medi we had so much fun together, some good times and some bad times. I’m so proud of everything you achieved. We will all miss you and remember you until our dying day. R.I.P


All the instructors loved him

We at Wembley Sailing Club only knew Medi for one week, but during that week he touched us all, always smiling and he loved sailing, all the instructors loved him.

Brian Whyte

Medi will always be a big part of UCS

Dear Medi

We will all miss you hugely and you will always be a big part of UCS. You are one of the friendliest person I have ever met. RIP.

He was an absolute pleasure to teach and learn from

Last week at the Harp Sailing School presentation of their awards I told the boys how  truly talented and wonderful they were. I told them that they had been the best group I had ever led, the funniest, most capable, messiest boys, yet genuinely the nicest most amicable young men and Medi truly fitted well into this group. He was an absolute pleasure to teach and learn from. We had hours of laugther as he insisted upon ‘taking’ backwards, telling me what he had for lunch  and even got me to sail two races with him, both of which we won. Despite him being so naturally talented he continued to work hard throughout the course and did so with such enthusiasm and charsisma that I could not help but love working with him. And I knew all the other instructors and safety boat drivers felt the same. It was such a pleasure to have taught and known Medi Mehra and I would like to pass on my greatest  of sympathy to his family and friends at this truly devastating and traffic time. I am just grateful that I got to teach such a wonderful, fun loving, happy boy.




Medi was always there to help, whatever the situation

Medi was a great person and a great friend. His kindness and forgiveness will always be remembered forever. Medi never complained or argued and was always there to help, whatever the situation. Medi, it will never be the same without you. Rest in peace.

Alex Fowler 

He was really nice and thoughtful

Medi was a great friend. He was really nice and thoughtful and was never mean to anybody. We are all very sad.

Lucas Burnett

He was very good as Macbeth

Medi was a good friend. He was always nice to me and funny.  I remember that he was very worried when he got his braces. It was just before the School play. But he was very good as Macbeth. I will miss him very much and I feel very sad for his family and friends.

Jules, Damian, Lizzie and Charlie Quinn

Medi was kind and generous

Our son, James Man (3S) knew Medi from school and thought of him as kind and generous. This was reinforced by spending a week with him on the sailing course at the Welsh Harp last week where these qualities were to the fore. James was very upset to hear about Medi and his thoughts and all of ours are with you.

Bernard Man

I was lucky to sit next to him – it was the best table I’ve ever had

We would like to send you the deepest love and best wishes from Lucas, Roger and I.

Lucas has been talking about Medi for months: how great their table of 4 is at school, him, Finn, Ben and Medi; how he and Medi always help each other with work (not sure the teachers always approved!); and how Medi is such a lovely friend to have.

We don’t know how to begin to express how sorry we are, and how much we are all thinking about you both and Medi. Lucas wanted me to tell you how lovely Medi was to him, how considerate and kind and how lucky he was to sit next to him – that table of 4 was the best table he had ever had at school.

Debra, Roger and Lucas

God Bless Medi

Please accept our heartfelt condolences. As parents, as fellow Iranians and as members of UCS community, we feel your hurt and sorrow and we cried with you, when we heard the sad news.

We praise your total dignity grace and courage at the funeral service.

God Bless Medi, I came across this little poem a few years ago  “Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.

Faramarz, Mahtab,  Arman (Minaeian)

Medi helped George to settle into life at the JB

It is hard to find the words to express the shock and sadness we felt when we heard the news that Medi had passed away. George was only fortunate enough to have known him for a year, but they became friends and he will miss him very much. Medi was kind and caring to George when he joined 6A and helped him to settle into life at the JB. George particularly enjoyed being with him in Spain on the football trip, experiencing performing in Macbeth together and just recently, making their film. I know he also enjoyed coming to your home and felt very welcome when he did. We are thinking of you every day and hope you can take some comfort from the attendance at Medi’s funeral and the tributes to the wonderful and special boy that he was. We will never forget him.

Lucy, Stephen, George and Harry Owen

Jaisal remembers him fondly

Words cannot express how deeply saddened we are to hear about the untimely passing of Medi.  Jaisal remembers him fondly and tells us that he was a keen footballer.

We pray to God that he give you all the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss and may Medi’s soul eternally rest in peace.

Much love

The Sanger family

He was always cheerful and friendly

We have heard the unbearably sad news about Mehdi and want you to know that we are so incredibly sorry for the loss of your wonderful child. I know there is nothing that can possibly console you at this time, but nevertheless, please accept our heartfelt condolences.

Kirian was shocked when we told him and I think finds it hard to believe. He said, “But Medi is my friend.” It will take a while to sink in. He said he liked Medi very much because he was always cheerful and friendly, and in particular always helpful at school.

Toni, Konstantin, Kirian and Nikita Babourine

I will miss going to the library and reading the Superhero books with him

I was so sorry to hear about Medi’s death.  I was just getting to know him and was looking forward to being in his class next year and getting to know him even better.  I was so excited that he was going to come to my party in September and I know that I will miss him very much. I had some great times with Medi on the football tour and I will miss going to the library and reading the Superhero books with him. Medi was such an amazing boy – he was popular, always smiling and everyone liked him.  I will never forget him.

Zack Crawcour

He was always very nice to me

Although I did not know Medi very well as I am in year 4, when I was in year 3 he was always very nice to me, and I will always remember him.

I am so sorry that he died, and wanted to pay my respects to you and your family.

With warm wishes

Ethan Schwartz

A passion for magic

I wanted to write to pass on our sincere condolences for your loss.  Although I didn’t know Medi personally I do remember seeing his cheery face around school.  Mason tells me what a lovely, kind and friendly boy he was and, although they were never in the same class, they did share a passion for magic.  You should be proud of what a wonderful boy Medi was.  I wish I had the words to comfort you at this difficult time but hope you find strength in the love everyone has shown for your special boy.

Mason, Sue Brown & Family

Medi was one of the coolest boys I knew

We were so shocked and saddened to hear of your beloved Medi’s passing. Although Joshua didn’t know Medi that well, they did magic club together. Joshua speaks of Medi very highly. He says he was one of the coolest boys he knew, a phenomenal sportsman and an all round great boy who was such fun to be around.

Joshua, Charlotte & Mark Sterling

He was a great person

I am so sorry to hear about Medi. Although i wasn’t one of Medi’s closest friends. He was a great person, kind and very friendly. He will missed very much.

Zac Wynne Cohen 6H

You and I were planning trips to Camden Lock when we were in the Senior Branch. I am really upset that it will never happen.

Dear Medi,

We are all so upset to know you have gone. I hope you know that everyone is thinking about you and how kind, considerate and inclusive you were.  You are truly one of the nicest people I know and I will always remember you.

You and I were planning trips to Camden Lock when we were in the Senior Branch. I am really upset that it will never happen.

I remember the time my parents took us to the Highgate fair. There were so many things to do and eat and we chose our favourite stalls. My parents gave us some money and for an hour we roamed around Highgate, eating ice cream and chatting. The hour soon ended and we met up with my parents again at the pub. Quickly the two of us got bored and went to explore around Highgate. Almost instantly we found a game you took a liking to. The penalty shoot out with a twist. The aim was to score in certain places in order to score points. The highest score so far was 100. Everyone was allowed three shots and if you happened to score all three you were allowed another. You very kindly insisted I went first and so I did. Football isn’t a strong attribute of mine and I’m sure everyone had realised that by the time I had finished. I missed all three by a great distance.  It was fair to say everyone laughed… Then, it was your turn. You took all three shots perfectly using great concentration and simply kept going. Every shot you took and and scored the tension climbed higher. Eventually, after 5 tremendous shots, you had reached 100. Everyone had their eyes on you Medi and you connected with the ball perfectly, placing it in the back of the 20 point hole! You were so happy! Your name was placed on the scoreboard and all the way home we were buzzing!

I will always remember you.

 Lucas Katz

We bought balloons and let them go on Minehead beach, hoping maybe they will be close to Medi.

We bought balloons to let them go on Minehead beach and watched them go up so high in the sky until we couldn’t see them anymore, hoping maybe they will be close to Medi.
I got a tropical island one with palm trees and waves, just like Tenerife. My sister choose one with a teddy inside! And love written on it.
We love you Medi.
You are always in our hearts.

He was a happy and popular boy

We our all very sad and sorry for your loss. Sho and Yuji (year 4) said he was a happy and popular boy and will be greatly missed.

Ishizuka-Wright family

Funny, nice, talented and clever

I will miss Medi a lot because he was such a great person. The words that come to mind when I think of Medi are funny, nice, talented and clever. One of my best memories of Medi is when we did a lot of rehearsals together for Macbeth because we had the same part and how amazing he was. He was also a good football player and it was great being on a team with him. I will remember him forever.

Oscar Ruddick Trentmann

Going back to school will never be the same without Medi

He was a good friend to Finn and he has many happy memories sharing a table with him in 6A.

Finn is still hoping for a miracle.. and says going back to school will never be the same without Medi.

Finn will never forget Medi and he will remain forever in all our hearts.

May Medi rest in peace.

Finn, Julie and Ray Griffiths

Medi has always had a special place in my heart

Our sons Sebastian and Alexei both speak very fondly of Medi and over the past week we have encouraged them to tell us of their friend and share their feelings, thoughts, questions and confusion. I’m glad to say that – in their world at least – the sadness seems to be slipping away and the funny stories and loving memories are taking precedence.

Medi has always had a special place in my heart, I loved the fact that my son had another ‘half Iranian’ comrade that he could connect with. It always made me laugh when Seb would come home and tell me he had eaten Ghormeh Sabzi for dinner, the irony of the fact that I can never get him to eat it when I served it at home…….

Please accept our prayers, our friendship and our love. We continue to offer these things to Medi on a daily basis.

Nalina, Paul Giacopazzi, Sebastian and Alexei

Medi was my best friend

Medi was my best friend and now every day that goes past i will still always miss him. All the things we did together like playing games, football or just spending time talking makes me miss him so much. The last time I saw him was when we were next to each other in prize giving and the whole time we were smiling and having a good time. As one of his closest friends i will miss him dearly. To me Medi was a nice calm friend who would help me when i was feeling upset and was kind to everyone. He was a great footballer as well as a friend and every second we spent together was fun and enjoyable.


We had really grown very fond of Medi over these past few years

We had really grown very fond of Medi over these past few years. He was one of Giorgio’s best friends and the two of them had become really close. On many occasions, we had Medi over and it was an absolute delight to see the two together. 

The closer friendship could also be witnessed at football. Over the past year, with the Hampstead Vikings or the UCS school team, one could see that Medi and Giorgio had come into their stride. Their passing was getting better as well as their positional play as they started to be more aware of each other and felt each other’s presence more instinctively. Their friendship blossomed and grew on and off the pitch.

Finally, our families had come to know each other better over these last few months. We spent wonderful moments together on the Spanish football tour, at Arsenal and at each other’s houses, even standing next to your car, watching the last few minutes of a world cup football game together.

We are all in shock and devastated by what happened. Medi was the most charming, friendly and courteous boy. Always smiling, happy to engage in the conversation and an incredibly talented and bright young gentleman.

We will miss Medi. Always.

Dirk & Thea Lievens

School will never be the same without him

I was so upset when I heard the terrible news about Medi because we started UCS together in year 4 we always had a special bond. I knew Medi was going to do something great with his life so I am going to try to always do my best and make the most of everything.
School will never be the same without him.
Max Myers

I will always remember Medi and will think of him often

Medi was a great friend and was always happy and cheerful. After school we used to play football together and have fun. I will always remember Medi and will think of him often

Max Margolis

He would always try and do his best to make us happy

We shall always miss Medi because he was a very nice person. He would always try and do his best to make us happy when I came round to his house. I remember playing football with him and we had a jokey rivalry because I am a Spurs fan and he is an Arsenal supporter. He taught me many of his magic tricks too. I also remember him laughing at Horrible Histories with me when we saw it. 

Medi was such a caring person and Medi will always mean a lot to me. 

Jonathan will also miss Medi and he is very sad. He said he liked visiting Medi because Medi was very kind in sharing his old toys, particularly Lego.

We will always love Medi. He will always be in our hearts.

Anna and Jonathan Bowring

Medi was really nice to me at school and I will miss him so much

I am Ben Barbarash in 4t at ucs. I know Medi from year six.

Medi was really nice to me at school and I will miss him so much. I have one particular memory when Medi kicked a ball in my face and he came over to me and took me to the nurse. He said sorry straight away and checked to see if I was ok. My mum and dad are very sorry for your loss too.

Ben Barbarash and my family and my dog Freddie

I have met very few pupils having his maturity, his understanding of what is right and wrong and his strength of character

Medi was such a wonderful child, a true gentleman before his day and would have achieved so many great things with his kind and generous spirit. Having taught him French for the last three years, having been his Form Teacher and seen him on trips to France, to Kew gardens, in class, in drama rehearsals, in the playground laughing with his friends and playing football, I have never seen Medi not smiling, not enjoying life and making the most of it. When in my form in Year 5, I was always amazed at how helpful, mature and poised he was. He would be first point of call if a job needed to be done. Medi could always be trusted to do it efficiently with a smile. And yet, he was often laughing and fooling around with friends in the playground and could hold a tongue-in-cheek conversation with me, as a true UCS boy! Medi always showed discipline in his work and the deepest respect for his classmates, teachers and school. I think that is what made him even more unique in this day and age. I know that he got these notions from your wonderful parenting and I remember joking with you at a parents’ evening saying that Medi was the son I can only dream of having. I can honestly say that in ten years of teaching, I have met very few pupils having his maturity, his understanding of what is right and wrong and his strength of character. He had a broader understanding of the world than other boys his age. Medi was a role model to many in the class and we could discuss issues with him, not at a child’s level, but as if talking to a young adult. And, of course, his warm smile was so charming! Butter wouldn’t melt!

I remember his laughter when trying to be the ‘evil’ Barbe Bleue for the French play and how after saying some terrifying lines, he would start laughing and then apologising! Of course, it was so out of character for him that he had to lighten the tone! Also, I remember his eyes when he saw the beard that Mr Thomas stuck on him for the performance and how he tried to be strong when it was being removed! On school trips, he would always come to me at one point to share a joke, ask a question or have a little chat. He was interested in everything and enjoying every aspect of his education.

As you rightly said Mary-anne, he was too good to be true. He was an angel and having recently become a mother, I cannot fathom your pain and despair. I think it is an amazing thing that you are setting up a charity in his memory. He was so interested in charity work and even learnt some Swahili when Temu visited from Tanzania. He would stay behind at lunchtime with some classmates to sing Swahili songs and would be a great class ambassador having lunch with Temu and asking him questions about life in Tanzania.

His spirit will live on Mehdi and Mary-anne, and I know that I will carry his wonderful smile, his energy and kindness in my heart.

 Estelle Couture

Medi had touched the lives of even the youngest boys at UCS

My son has just finished year 3 so when I asked him if he knew of Medi, I didn’t expect his reply. He said “Yes mummy, he is my year 6 football friend, we play in the cage most days”.  When I explained what had happened he was so upset and could not really comprehend what had happened to “my friend Medi” . Medi had touched the lives of even the youngest boys at UCS by giving them his time – a very special commodity. Medi was absolutely a special, special boy and we are deeply sorry for your loss.

The Levenfiche family

You were one of my best friends that I had know for almost 8 years

Dear Medi
I can’t believe that your actually gone. You were one of my best friends that I had know for almost 8 years. But just remember, you might be gone from us but you are not gone from our hearts and minds. 
Rest in peace buddy. 
Love Seb xx

You were always kind and thoughtful

Although I was not in your class and not one of your closest friends in year 6, I always thought of you as one of my friends. You were always kind and thoughtful to me. I am so sad to think that you will not be around anymore. You have left a gap in all our hearts who knew you. Rest in peace Medi, you are now with all the Angels.
Your friend,
Oliver Stiff

I can still remember the first time I met Medi

I can still remember the first time I met Medi. It was a sunny day in year 3 and we were meeting our new form teachers for year 4. Me and Medi were the two new boys in our class and we didn’t know anyone in our new classes. We quickly became friends (and also had lengthy conversations with the other boys on our table). When the time came for year 4 to start, I was really looking forward to seeing Medi again. Over the year, we became close friends and in year 5, we were extremely good friends, and that continued into year 6. He always came into school with a huge smile on his face, either ready to play football or tell someone a joke. Just the thought that I’ll never see that smile again makes we incredibly upset and I will really miss him in the years to come.

Ben Hurst

Never in my career have I met such a well balanced, sensitive and thoughtful child.

I taught and tutored Medi for two years, and he was so much more than a student. He was special and unique. Never in my career have I met such a well balanced, sensitive and thoughtful child. A boy with such a big heart that he gave away most of his toys one year; a boy that was filling a giant bottle with money to donate to the children’s hospital – I believe Medi would have gladly given his last penny to someone in need.

I enjoyed listening to his stories of travels and adventures, in particular his pilgrimage to Mecca. I also remember his trip back from a holiday by train because all flights had been cancelled because of the Icelandic ash cloud. Not fazed by his long journey, Medi was thrilled with the overland adventure.

One day, Medi had made us fresh lemonade, which we had studied that day in school, and he was very proud of the end product. It was a joy to see that he enjoyed his classes so much that he followed it up at home. Such a simple thing made so happy. I also remember how fascinated he was when I dunked a biscuit in my tea, so much so that he was given a cup of his own so that he could try, even though he didn’t want to actually drink the tea!

I was so honoured to be the special guest at his seventh birthday party for ‘Hider in the House’! I still have my souvenir wooden spoon! Now is has an even more important significance.

When I read back over this letter, I see that the word “proud” repeats itself. This is a great word for Medi. He was proud of his family, his achievements, his friends, and himself, but never proud in the negative sense of the word. And you as his parents should be proud of yourselves too, even though he was been taken away from you so young; too young, you can hold you heads high and say you created someone amazing, someone wholesome, and someone you can be proud of.

I will cherish my memories of Medi and he will forever hold a special place in my heart.

I am honoured to have known him.

Ceri (Miss Lewis)

I remember lots of things we all did together

Medi was really great and I remember lots of things we all did together in 6A, and especially him and me doing the County Challenge together (we did Cambridgeshire). I’m very sad about the news.

Freddie and the Anness-Lorenz family

He had good sportsmanship and was very nice

I am so so sorry. Medi was in my football team. He had good sportsmanship and was very nice. Medi I hope you’re in a very nice place now. We will miss you sorrowly.


I was really looking forward to being in your class in September

I am so sad that you are no longer here. I was really looking forward to being in your class in September and becoming closer friends and sharing lots of good times together.  You were such fun to be around and a great sportsman too.  It is so sad that you have died but you will be remembered in every one of our hearts.

Love from

Louis Spitz

I will always remember him as a great friend

Medi was a great friend and an awesome football player. I don’t know what our football club will do without him and his rock solid defending. He was one of those people who was always kind and friendly. He would help anyone who needed it and always put a smile on your face if you were feeling gloomy, he was sometimes the only one who could make you feel happier. He would always let you join the football game he was playing or tell you a joke that would lift your spirits if you weren’t having a great day. I will miss him always and especially when the school year starts. He really was a lovely person and I am both glad to have known him and sad not to have him with us at the senior school. I will always remember him as a great friend.

Oliver Morgan-Wynne

I always think of Medi with a smile on his face

I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear such sad news. Medi was a great person and a friend. He was kind and smart, funny and generous, great at sport and a truly nice person. I loved playing football with him in Paddington Rec and I have very recent memories of sailing with him just last week. I always think of Medi with a smile on his face. I will miss him so much and will always remember him. I am so sorry for your loss.

Harrison Riche 6H

Medi will always be missed and never forgotten!

From starting at UCS in Year 4, Medi was always wise beyond his years. On the Sports Field he was able to read the flow of a game and helped to guide the Under 9’s to the semi finals of a football tournament. In the classroom he was willing to put in extra effort to further improve his ability academically. Most importantly for me, was his ability to empathise with others. He was able to understand different points of view and would look for ways to bring these closer together. He blew the school inspectors away with his depth of thinking in a Form Time discussion. This is why he was so well respected by all the boys of the Junior Branch. I can only imagine what someone above recognised this ability and decided they needed Medi more than we did.

Medi will always be missed and never forgotten!

D. Edwards

He really was a fantastic child.

When Medi joined UCS in Year 4, Tim said how nice he was and asked for me to invite him. Tim always enjoyed having play dates with Medi. And, Medi was always gorgeously behaved and polite. I remember when Tim received his class lists for Year 5, asking Tim if Medi was in the same class and being personally disappointed when they weren’t put together. He really was a fantastic child.

Rebecca and Jeremy Lewis

Never selfish, always loving and kind. These are the memories you leave behind.

My words cannot express my heartfelt sadness upon hearing the tragic accident that befell Medi. I offer my deepest sympathies and condoloences at this devastatingly sad time. I am truly sorry.

As you know I taught Medi for maths and football. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching Medi because he was such a lovel boy. We talked about many things, especially our joint love of football. My fondest memories of Medi are of him always smiling and being such a happy, lovely, kind natured boy.

I recently read an article, although I cannot claim the words as my own, I thought they described Medi very aptly: Never selfish, always loving and kind. These are the memories you leave behind.

Luke (Mr) Churchill

Finally we had found a Mehra who could play football!

Whilst Viraj was not in the same year group as Medi and so we did not know him personally, Viraj did attend a football camp just before he started at JB where Medi was also at. On his first day he could not stop talking about this skillful player who happened to be at JB and coincidently also shared the same surname as us. Finally we had found a Mehra who could play football! And we would on occasion bring his name up as we discussed school football or that summer camp.

The Mehra’s 4B

Next time I play football I will score a goal for Medi

I have lots of UCS memories of Medi, one of them was in Year 4, when Medi received a trophy at prize giving, and I received nothing, I was a bit jealous and when he showed me the silverware, I dropped it accidentally and Medi caught it one handed! Another time was in Year 5 when we played football and he did an amazing cross. I headed it then he ran in the box and scissor kicked it into the goal, and for the whole lunch we tried to do it again, but we failed!! Medi was a keen footballer and next time I play football I will score a goal for Medi. Medi was always so nice to me and we loved talking about Marvel characters. I will really miss him!

Jack Tafler 6H

He’s a nice guy, he’s always kind to me

I cannot even begin to imagine the desolation you must be feeling. I asked by son Saul, Form 3, if he knew your son. Yes, he replied, he’s a nice guy, he’s always kind to me.

Kindness is the best quality there is and that is how Saul shall remember your son.

Llana and Saul 

Such a popular boy at the JB

We are deeply shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic death of your beloved son, Medi, who was such a popular boy at the JB. Our hearts go out to you and whilst there are few words of comfort at such a difficult time, please know that we are thinking of you and send our deepest sympathy.

With love from Louise, Ben and Jonathan Shaw (5T) xxx

You are one of the friendliest person I have ever met

Dear Medi

We will all miss you hugely and you will always be a big part of UCS. You are one of the friendliest person I have ever met. RIP.

Louis Shaw

His smile always lit up those around him

He was a beautiful boy in every sense and his cheerful personality and thoughtfulness was way beyond his years. He radiated happiness and his smile always lit up those around him.

Medi was always a delight to have around and I know Harrison and Max will miss him terribly.

Gemma, Eden, Harrison & Max

Medi always had the biggest smile

Medi was a good friend. He was a brilliant footballer and I remember going to the local park with him at the weekend to play football and discuss who was the best team in the league. Always Arsenal for him. Medi always had the biggest smile which would just make me smile! He was happy and kind and fair. It is so hard to imagine him not being around at school or around the corner where we live. I will always remember Medi. He was special.


I will miss him so much

Medi was always a good friend of mine and I will miss him so much. If someone was feeling sad Medi was always the one to make that person happy again. We all have lost a great friend.

Isaac Leehills

Words from a memorial arranged by Medi's friends at UCS on Tuesday 9th December 2015.