Donation £5 for the cause



Donation £5 for the cause

We know that poverty rates are rising and that millions of people live below the poverty line globally. It’s time for the individuals who can give Donation £5 to the charity to help these poor people. Our small contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of individuals living below the poverty line. This is the time for the people who are capable and can donate. Your Donation £5 to Medioliver Foundation can help the needy Ethiopian families who are struggling to get quality education and access to clean drinking water. Give now Donation £5 for the cause.

The MediOliver Foundation devotes all of its resources and donations to provide the children of Ethiopia with quality education and clean drinking water pipelines. As part of their skills development initiative, Medioliver Foundation hire persons with disabilities in Ethiopia and will make them capable to support their families. Our mission is to reach as many deprived communities as possible and help them to keep alive the medi’s spirit. Donation £5 for the poor Ethiopian children.

Selling kid’s books with Cause

By purchasing these wonderful children’s books, you can help this vulnerable community. These children’s storybooks can also have amazing illustrations that would boost children’s interest in reading and extensive content to study and will have an everlasting effect on your kids. These books can be ordered in box form, as well as in bold letters on the Amazon Kindle.


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