Donation £500 for the cause



Donation £500 for the cause

On this lovely planet, there are nations with communities that are unable to meet their basic needs.  On the other hand, some people live luxurious lives. It is time for such kind of individuals to assist poor individuals living below the poverty line. Give donation £500 to charity and play your part. It is time to help the poverty-stricken society in Ethiopia, which lacks access to clean water and good education. You may help them by donating £500 to the charity Medioliver Foundation.

The MediOliver Foundation has a very clear goal: to provide clean drinking water and quality education for the poorest Ethiopians people. For this purpose, we are donating 100% of our funds to build water pipes and high-quality education in Ethiopia. Additionally, we are running a skills development program in Ethiopia, through which we employ disabled people. They are now economically contributing to their families. Donation £500 for the cause now.

Selling children’s books with Cause

You may help them by give donation £500 to Medioliver Foundation as well as by purchasing these magnificent children story books, which contain an excellent and interesting material for kids. These books will have a long-lasting impact on your kids and will stimulate their interest in reading. These books are available in box form, as well as in large print on Amazon Kindle.

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