Donation £1000 for the cause



Donation of £1000 to charity for the cause

Giving to the causes you care about is not only beneficial to the charity, but it can also be extremely fulfilling for you. Millions of people regularly donate money to charity in order to support the issues they care about and because it makes their own lives better. All of us are well aware of the fact that millions of people in this world are living their lives below the poverty line. These poor people are struggling access to basic needs of life. Now is the moment for the wealthy individuals to donate now £1000. You can assist the underprivileged children of Ethiopia with providing the basic necessities of life via the charity Medioliver Foundation.

To fulfil his mission The Medioliver Foundation  has made investments in the provision of the Ethiopian poor people with clean drinking water and high-quality education. Alongside Medioliver Foundation is also operating a skills development program in Ethiopia. Via this project the Medioliver Foundation hire disabled individuals to support their families economically. The Medioliver Foundation aim is to assets the poor and needy Ethiopian communities to acquire the fundamental requirements of life.  Donate now £1000 for the cause and keep the medi’s spirit alive.

Selling children’s books with Cause

Purchase this fantastic books and play your part in helping poor Ethiopian families. These children’s books, which is full of gorgeous reading material and wonderful pictures, will boost your children’s reading habits and will have an excellent and long-lasting effects on your children. These books will increase your kid’s creativity level and will make them able to explore the new things. These books can be purchased in box form, as well as in large print on the Amazon Kindle.

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