Donation £40 for the cause



Donation £40 for the cause

We are all aware that there are millions of people living below the poverty line worldwide, and that poverty rates are rising. Now it’s time for the wealthy people to help these needy people by donating £40 to the charity campaign. The Ethiopian society needs help because it lacks access to clean water and high-quality education. Your donation £40 can bring difference in the lives of these individuals. You can help them by donating to the Medioliver Foundation.

The MediOliver Foundation has invested in access to clean drinking water and helping to provide high-quality education to the Ethiopian poor people. Medioliver Foundation is running a skill development program for people with disabilities so they can become financially independent and assist their families. Our goal is to reach as many deprived communities as possible and help them to keep alive the medi’s spirit. Donation £40 for the cause now. 

Selling children’s books with Cause

You may assist these needy communities in many ways. You may also help them by purchasing this fantastic children’s story book that is packed with kid-friendly content to encourage their curiosity. These books will affect your children in a profound way. It’s also available as a component of a party package. These books can be purchased in box form, and they are also available on Amazon Kindle in large print.

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