Donation £25 for the cause



Donation £25 for the cause

Children learn early on that they can affect positive change in the world when you share the experience of giving to charities with them. Children naturally want to help others, so encouraging this trait will probably help them appreciate what they have as they become older and continue to support charities in the future. Creating a family charities donation box that everyone can donate to and nominating a family charity each year, involving the kids in selecting the causes to support, are simple ways to start a tradition of giving to charity with your kids. We are seeing millions of families living their lives below the poverty line. In such a situation wealthy people should donate/donation £25 to the charities campaign. You may help them by donating £25 to the Medioliver Foundation.

In Ethiopia, the children are unable to access clean water and quality education. To assist them in obtaining these essentials for life, the Medioliver foundation is utilizing all of its donations. Donate to children in need and keep the medi’s spirit alive. Donation £25 for the cause now.

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