Set of 4: Chef, Taxi Driver, ZooKeeper, Astronaut


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Set of 4: Chef, Taxi Driver, ZooKeeper, Astronaut

If I were an astronaut and If I were a chef now available on website. If you have got a young kitchen helper at home then check out this book If I were a Chef which brings to life all the colors and textures of food and shows the fun and the jobs to do: shopping, washing, chopping, and choosing the ingredients and counting the peas.

Got a kid who is mad about space? Check out If I were an astronaut story that will help you to inspire young would-be space travelers. Brace yourself for blast-off and leave work for a week or two. There are jobs to do, and you have to study hard to do the press conferences before you can buckle up and go.

These children’s storybooks can also present stunning and engaging illustrations that will foster kids’ interest in stories. In this fascinating book, there is enough to discuss being an astronaut. It will provide your children with a fantastic memory. It is also available in a party bundle. You may get these series of publications in box form, and they are available in large format on Amazon Kindle as well. The MediOliver Foundation donates 100% of its funds to building water pipes and high-quality education in Ethiopia. We have invested in clean drinking water and helping to provide high-quality education to the Ethiopian people. We are also running a skills development program in Ethiopia, through which we employ disabled people. They are now economically contributing to their families. Our goal is to reach as many deprived communities as possible and help them to keep alive the media’s spirit.

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