If I were a Zookeeper | Animal books for kids


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If I were a Zookeeper | Animal books for kids

Mia and Ollie, two siblings, have wonderful plans for their day out and buy some animal books for kids. They had intended to spend the entire day as zookeepers at the zoo. Ollie wants to play with bears at the zoo animals and has a plan to be a zookeeper. Mia wants to be polite and sociable therefore, they want to eat with bears, drink tea with cockatoos, and equally write these activities in the animal book series.

Both of them do not stop there and make plans to visit a river to play with penguins and dolphins. Penguins would like their company because they have given each penguin a unique name in the animal books for kids. If your child is obsessed with zoo animals, this is a great chance for him. They can meet most of the animals at the zoo and experience a day in the life of a zookeeper.

Furthermore, these animal books for kids will extant some fantastic animal stories with endearing pictures. These stories will surely increase the attachment of children to animals. These astonishing animal books for kids offer lots of information with spectacular pictures about children’s favourite animals. You can get these books in box forms which are available on the website. While the amazon larger size is also available which can be read on kindle. The Medioliver foundation has given all the raised money to the underprivileged people in Ethiopia. For more information please read the below links.

Note: The MediOliver Foundation donates 100% of its funds to the construction of water pipes and high-quality education in Ethiopia. You can read out efforts in the below links.

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