If I were a Chef | Children’s Stories about Cooking



If I were a Chef | Children’s Stories about Cooking

Enjoy this children’s fictional picture book with Children’s Stories about Cooking for large appetites, and new friends. certainly, they inspired the recipes told by Beau Bunny as he journeys off on his next adventure. Beau Bunny with his brother and sister, Ollie, and Mia assume the role of Chefs.

Wash, chop, and sizzle your kitchen creations as you prepare food for bears, Beau, and a whole host of other animal characters. Overall, this children’s book for early readers is full of scrummy illustrations, wonderfully designed by Johanna Crone. These books have been written with enthusiasm and care for little chefs. So, that little chef wants to get hands-on in the kitchen, and for picky eaters who need to broaden their eating habits.

Learn about all your favorite (and not-so-favorite) vegetables at the local allotment. So, head out for food shopping with your group of animal companions. They host tea parties with teddy bears and prepare very special cakes for your mystery guests.

This children’s story can be read aloud by parents and adults to help improve the early-stage cognitive development of their young ones. These wonderfully colorful illustrations capture your eye as you follow the story written and published by mum-turned-author, Mary-Anne.

So, help your little chef develop a sense of the world around them. These children’s cooking books has designed for early Key Stage 1 (KS1) readers. These conversational topics, fun pictures, simple dialogue, and delicious-looking recipes all feature in this cooking adventure book.

Recommended reading age: 3-7 years.

This book writes in Medi’s memory; and 100% of all sales and donations go towards providing water, healthcare, and education to the rural communities of Ethiopia where Medi’s pen-pals and families are from.

Children’s Stories about Cooking

If I were a Chef is a fictional story and picture book for early readers children that form part of an 8-book collection from the MediOliver Foundation.

All books in the “If I were” series are available in both boy and girl formats. All of these books are available in 8 different languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Phonic, and Spanish.

Read the story here: https://medioliver.org/medis-spirit/

Buy now:              https://medioliver.org/shop/

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