Medi and his wife (Josh) in Shakespeare's Macbeth

    Medi as Macbeth with his friend Josh


Robbed off his life Medi had only just begun. His death, a waste, made no sense unless we could make his life mean something.  Just perhaps is thousands of people could get a better chance in life, then him losing his might be fair.

If you are here because you lost someone too, reach and support one of our projects to create a legacy for your loved one.

Imagine the spirit of your someone special  changing lives by getting water to those with none, and a plaque on the well or pipeline you built in their honour.

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‎Imagine your inspirational story being read out to new kids as they join school each year,

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Shoes for refugees – start a collection
– from the school
– from your workplace
– from your community
Go talk to a favourite teacher, a headmaster, your boss, and get them involved in an event to collect sports shoesshoes-small, old or new. You can protect hundreds of feet from the parasitic diseases that breed in the rough crevices of an unprotected foot, sometimes leading to amputation.

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