We agree with Shakespeare who in the ‘Twelfth Night’ said that;

Medi and his wife (Josh) in Shakespeare's Macbeth
Medi and his wife (Josh) in Shakespeare’s Macbeth
 “Some are born great, some achieve greatness

                        and some have greatness thrust upon them”.

For us it was a matter of a great opportunity to turn a negative situation, that was thrust upon us, into a positive. It became our mission to ensure Medi’s life was not lost in vain. As business people, we have the support network and the know-how to let the one life we lost change many other lives. And, whilst this website is called the MediOliver Foundation, it is not just about Medi – it is about the impact you can make with our help for your loved one(s) too.


Create a legacy for your loved one

As the tears of your grieving slow down, spare a moment
to picture the smile of your loved one when a plaque you designed is laid on a school you built in their honour.

<< contact us to design your plaque now >>

‎Imagine your inspirational story being read out to new kids as they join school each year, so the spirit of your loved one can live on.

<<contact us to help write your loved one’s story>>

Don’t clear out your loved one’s shoes – go collect more
– from the school
– from your workplace
– from your community
Go talk to a favourite teacher, a headmaster, your boss, and get them involved in an event to collect sports shoesshoes-small, old or new. You can protect hundreds of feet from the parasitic diseases that breed in the rough crevices of an unprotected foot that can lead to amputation.

 <<download shoe event toolkit now>>


A life for many lives
If you’ve been robbed of your child or loved one, yes it is unfair, however you have been given the opportunity to ensure your loved one can truly touch hundreds within a year, and over time, thousands. Some 61 million kids still don’t go to school – education protects children from malnutrition, disease and improves their prospects of a secure future.

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How it works
The role of the MediOliver foundation is to:
– spread the word
– give grief a purpose
– create a legacy for your loved one
– change hundreds of lives

– create a webpage for your loved one to tell their story and connect them to the difference they can make

volunteersWe need volunteers
– volunteer editors to help others write up their loved one’s story
– volunteer drivers to take shoes to collection points
– volunteer marketers to spread the word and take leaflets to local churches and hospitals

– social media volunteers to bump up this site so all those who have lost someone special can choose to seize, not waste, the opportunity they have been given

Expertise‎ and partners

We don’t claim to be the best at building a school ourselves; there are people who know how to do that already. We are able to tap into the work of …….. who already know where the 61 million children who don’t go to school are.   Where the MediOliver Foundation comes in, is to support you when you’re grieving and to make your loved one’s life worthwhile beyond your expectations.

Our strategic partners are
– Weston Homes…. for being the 1st to put a shoe drop off point in their offices
– UCS School Junior Branch…. for believing in our ideas and making the MediOliver Foundation their school charity and other events
– UCS Senior School… for challenging gap year students to ‘give themselves’ to summer projects
– Ringley Group …. for all who continue to donate and for those who chose to donate a whole months salary
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