If you’re having a party and think you’ve got the stuff you need then don’t do presents, ask your friends to spread some love.   By doing so you become a leader, show others your true self and we bet others will follow your example.   Don’t give Amazon vouchers, give a “MediOliver opportunity”.

It’s as easy ‎as 1, 2, 3

  1. Create intrigue – tell your friends your’e having a MediOliver party at the bowling alley….. and give‎ them the web address
  2. Be a bigger person – tell people you have what you need so yours is a no-presents party ‎but if people would like to please gift a “MediOliver Opportunity” instead.   It’s easy – they can do it on-line
  3. Sit back – both you and the person giving will receive an e-certificate.   And if you fill in your school head’s name and the school email we’ll send a certificate of the total raised and some photos of how it can help so you get rewarded in assembly too.