We had really grown very fond of Medi over these past few years

We had really grown very fond of Medi over these past few years. He was one of Giorgio’s best friends and the two of them had become really close. On many occasions, we had Medi over and it was an absolute delight to see the two together. 

The closer friendship could also be witnessed at football. Over the past year, with the Hampstead Vikings or the UCS school team, one could see that Medi and Giorgio had come into their stride. Their passing was getting better as well as their positional play as they started to be more aware of each other and felt each other’s presence more instinctively. Their friendship blossomed and grew on and off the pitch.

Finally, our families had come to know each other better over these last few months. We spent wonderful moments together on the Spanish football tour, at Arsenal and at each other’s houses, even standing next to your car, watching the last few minutes of a world cup football game together.

We are all in shock and devastated by what happened. Medi was the most charming, friendly and courteous boy. Always smiling, happy to engage in the conversation and an incredibly talented and bright young gentleman.

We will miss Medi. Always.

Dirk & Thea Lievens