Never in my career have I met such a well balanced, sensitive and thoughtful child.

I taught and tutored Medi for two years, and he was so much more than a student. He was special and unique. Never in my career have I met such a well balanced, sensitive and thoughtful child. A boy with such a big heart that he gave away most of his toys one year; a boy that was filling a giant bottle with money to donate to the children’s hospital – I believe Medi would have gladly given his last penny to someone in need.

I enjoyed listening to his stories of travels and adventures, in particular his pilgrimage to Mecca. I also remember his trip back from a holiday by train because all flights had been cancelled because of the Icelandic ash cloud. Not fazed by his long journey, Medi was thrilled with the overland adventure.

One day, Medi had made us fresh lemonade, which we had studied that day in school, and he was very proud of the end product. It was a joy to see that he enjoyed his classes so much that he followed it up at home. Such a simple thing made so happy. I also remember how fascinated he was when I dunked a biscuit in my tea, so much so that he was given a cup of his own so that he could try, even though he didn’t want to actually drink the tea!

I was so honoured to be the special guest at his seventh birthday party for ‘Hider in the House’! I still have my souvenir wooden spoon! Now is has an even more important significance.

When I read back over this letter, I see that the word “proud” repeats itself. This is a great word for Medi. He was proud of his family, his achievements, his friends, and himself, but never proud in the negative sense of the word. And you as his parents should be proud of yourselves too, even though he was been taken away from you so young; too young, you can hold you heads high and say you created someone amazing, someone wholesome, and someone you can be proud of.

I will cherish my memories of Medi and he will forever hold a special place in my heart.

I am honoured to have known him.

Ceri (Miss Lewis)