Medi has always had a special place in my heart

Our sons Sebastian and Alexei both speak very fondly of Medi and over the past week we have encouraged them to tell us of their friend and share their feelings, thoughts, questions and confusion. I’m glad to say that – in their world at least – the sadness seems to be slipping away and the funny stories and loving memories are taking precedence.

Medi has always had a special place in my heart, I loved the fact that my son had another ‘half Iranian’ comrade that he could connect with. It always made me laugh when Seb would come home and tell me he had eaten Ghormeh Sabzi for dinner, the irony of the fact that I can never get him to eat it when I served it at home…….

Please accept our prayers, our friendship and our love. We continue to offer these things to Medi on a daily basis.

Nalina, Paul Giacopazzi, Sebastian and Alexei