Medi always seemed to have a smile on his face

Medi was such a cheerful and much loved boy at school, it is very hard to imagine his not being there.  Whilst never in the same form together, Ollie and Medi became friends through their common love of football – on the Spanish tour, and in their clubs and coaching outside of school.  I also got to know him last year in Majorca, where we all had so much fun together.  Medi always seemed to have a smile on his face, or close to the surface, and I will particularly remember him from the time when he and Ollie were playing for the Vikings one Saturday morning.  At half time, with the side losing and Medi playing at the back and itching to get forward, I told him to take the next long range free kick and aim for goal – he was bound to score.  Amazingly, so it came to be!  Medi scored, the team came from behind to win, and the boys bounced off the pitch on cloud nine – a special moment and a lovely memory of your boy.

Tim & Jo Morgan-Wynne