I have met very few pupils having his maturity, his understanding of what is right and wrong and his strength of character

Medi was such a wonderful child, a true gentleman before his day and would have achieved so many great things with his kind and generous spirit. Having taught him French for the last three years, having been his Form Teacher and seen him on trips to France, to Kew gardens, in class, in drama rehearsals, in the playground laughing with his friends and playing football, I have never seen Medi not smiling, not enjoying life and making the most of it. When in my form in Year 5, I was always amazed at how helpful, mature and poised he was. He would be first point of call if a job needed to be done. Medi could always be trusted to do it efficiently with a smile. And yet, he was often laughing and fooling around with friends in the playground and could hold a tongue-in-cheek conversation with me, as a true UCS boy! Medi always showed discipline in his work and the deepest respect for his classmates, teachers and school. I think that is what made him even more unique in this day and age. I know that he got these notions from your wonderful parenting and I remember joking with you at a parents’ evening saying that Medi was the son I can only dream of having. I can honestly say that in ten years of teaching, I have met very few pupils having his maturity, his understanding of what is right and wrong and his strength of character. He had a broader understanding of the world than other boys his age. Medi was a role model to many in the class and we could discuss issues with him, not at a child’s level, but as if talking to a young adult. And, of course, his warm smile was so charming! Butter wouldn’t melt!

I remember his laughter when trying to be the ‘evil’ Barbe Bleue for the French play and how after saying some terrifying lines, he would start laughing and then apologising! Of course, it was so out of character for him that he had to lighten the tone! Also, I remember his eyes when he saw the beard that Mr Thomas stuck on him for the performance and how he tried to be strong when it was being removed! On school trips, he would always come to me at one point to share a joke, ask a question or have a little chat. He was interested in everything and enjoying every aspect of his education.

As you rightly said Mary-anne, he was too good to be true. He was an angel and having recently become a mother, I cannot fathom your pain and despair. I think it is an amazing thing that you are setting up a charity in his memory. He was so interested in charity work and even learnt some Swahili when Temu visited from Tanzania. He would stay behind at lunchtime with some classmates to sing Swahili songs and would be a great class ambassador having lunch with Temu and asking him questions about life in Tanzania.

His spirit will live on Mehdi and Mary-anne, and I know that I will carry his wonderful smile, his energy and kindness in my heart.

 Estelle Couture