He was an absolute pleasure to teach and learn from

Last week at the Harp Sailing School presentation of their awards I told the boys how  truly talented and wonderful they were. I told them that they had been the best group I had ever led, the funniest, most capable, messiest boys, yet genuinely the nicest most amicable young men and Medi truly fitted well into this group. He was an absolute pleasure to teach and learn from. We had hours of laugther as he insisted upon ‘taking’ backwards, telling me what he had for lunch  and even got me to sail two races with him, both of which we won. Despite him being so naturally talented he continued to work hard throughout the course and did so with such enthusiasm and charsisma that I could not help but love working with him. And I knew all the other instructors and safety boat drivers felt the same. It was such a pleasure to have taught and known Medi Mehra and I would like to pass on my greatest  of sympathy to his family and friends at this truly devastating and traffic time. I am just grateful that I got to teach such a wonderful, fun loving, happy boy.