Medi said things that other people were afraid to say

Medi had a special personality, nobody else is like him.  He is kind, funny, cheerful, smart, happy and made the most out of life.  He brings out the best in people and made people feel better when nobody could.  It is just not fair someone who was so kind, it is too hard to believe, I cried for almost 2 hours and I still cant believe it.

He was a special kid, he was so young and he had so much to give, he touched everyone’s lives and now there’s a hole at UCS.  He was the last person who deserved to die.  It seemed so bizarre it was so wierd he said things other people were afraid to say and he had a special personality which nobody else had.

Every time I pay football I will think of Medi.  He would have fitted in so well at senior school, everyone would have liked him.  It is just to hard to imagine life without him.  Soli, Georgiou and I are making a shirt with 11 on the back and every year we will gather outside and give 2 minutes silence.  He is just the nicest boy and will be missed by his friends and most of all his family.

He was a person who could have done something amazing, it is just too hard to sum up in words.  You could rely on him  no matter what, he would do everything he could to make everyone around him to feel as good as he felt.  Now he’s gone he had such an impact on everyone around him him will be missed dearly  – he had a personality that only lives once.

Max Altras