He meant a great deal to me

It is very hard to believe that one of my best friends has passed away.

Medi and I started being friends late in year 4 and since then we always had a variety of things to speak about. We always knew how to make each other laugh and happy and help each other out.

Every time he came to my house and I went to his we would usually discuss superheroes, our favourite ones especially.

Whenever I was free to have a play date the first person I would ask for is Medi.

We had fun playing tennis, football, doing videos, learning magic and watching movies and TV programmes, we were together in the same room in Amsterdam and was with him most of the time in the football tour. We had so much in common, we both support Arsenal, love superheroes, comics, and nearly all our hobbies that we had. I once even bumped into Medi at the Emirates stadium when he was with his dad looking very happy.

He meant a great deal to me and to everyone that knew him, he will be missed greatly.

 Eden Cohen