A true pleasure to know and teach

I got to know Medi very well through our drama lessons. He was such a talented actor and I feel blessed that I had the very good fortune to direct him as Duke Bluebeard in the Year 5 French play and again last March in Macbeth. The maturity he showed during his performance of Macbeth was something very few boys of his age could have achieved. His willingness to take part, combined with his unassuming nature, created a delightful student who was a true pleasure to know and teach.

I’ll always remember being in Heathrow airport a few years ago and hearing a little voice call out, “Mr Thomas”. It was little Medi Mehra from Year 4  going on holiday with his father to New York. It made my day seeing one of my amazing students outside school.  Another memory that comes to mind was from last year, after the French play, when I was removing Medi’s blue-beard. He reacted to the liquid that I was using to remove his stage beard and although tears were rolling down his face he was desperately trying to laugh through the discomfort he obviously felt.

 Jason Thomas