If I were a Taxi Driver (Party Bag Special)



If I were a Taxi Driver (Party Bag Special)

If you have mastered the bus, why not try to becoming a taxi driver for a day? There is a map to read and maybe a special bear to be found at Paddington Station. There is a fantastic story with characters of all types while our man maintains his cool, with Beau Bunny never far behind.

The novels are aimed at children who like traveling in cabs. These children’s storybooks may also have aesthetically appealing and intriguing illustrations that stimulate children’s interest in taxi driver stories. There is much more to say about this excellent work. It will create an indelible effect on children, and they will undoubtedly enjoy this book series. These fantastic books are also available in a party bundle. You may get these series publications in box form, and they are available in large format on Amazon Kindle as well. The MediOliver Foundation donates 100% of its funds to the building of water pipes and high-quality education in Ethiopia. 

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